Researchers Receive Blackjack Casino Grant

Now the UK might have its own blackjack card counting team that could become even more successful than the famous blackjack card counters of MIT who were featured in the film 21.

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Although they claim that they are only in it for the science, some computer scientists from a major English university have been given research funding to peruse their research into cracking casino games.

In their initial work they showed that, by using some powerful computers and software that they had written, they could track casino shuffles. If they were able to do this in real casino blackjack games, they could achieve an edge over the casino of up to 10% depending on the particular dealer.

They also found that most dealers have specific differences in the manner in which they shuffle the cards and that these may even be used to identify a specific dealer.

 The scientists, who have requested that their identities should not be revealed for the time being, have spent the last three years investigating a number of casino games played at real and online casinos.

They say that the way in which cards are shuffled at online casinos provides card distributions that appear to be entirely random. On the other hand, the distribution of cards in hand shuffled decks, even when shuffled by true professionals, contains hidden patterns and can provide clues regarding the fall of the cards in blackjack.

 Two of the group have recently received doctorates for their work which will be published soon. Their professor is also due to give a talk on the subject in a mathematics conference that will, somewhat ironically, be held at Las Vegas in the spring of 2010.

With their new grant they will extend their work on simulation of shuffling to simulation of stock markets and trading along with climate modelling. In the past many people have sought to find patterns in events that appear to be random, but these people seem to have actually found order amongst the chaos.


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