Finland: Europe's Blackjack Capital

It seems that Finland has become the official Blackjack capital of Europe, according to the latest research to be published...

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The new report states that a whopping 82% of all the card tables in Finland's casinos are dedicated purely to the classic card game Blackjack. The research was conducted in an attempt to try and establish the gaming habits of casino customers around the globe, though the statistics of just how committed Finland is to Blackjack came as surprising news to those behind the study – the states' own casino monopoly. Although Blackjack is a popular card game in casinos the world over, the figures reveal that the Finnish are undeniably the biggest Blackjack consumers in the entire of Europe.

The land-based gaming industry has seen a massive shake-up in recent years, which has seen customers taking leave of traditional establishments in favour of the comfort of their own homes; this move to the online market is thought to be fuelled by an increased level of trust in security that is provided by online gaming providers, as well as promotional offers and bonuses that land-based industry can scarcely struggle to match.

This, in turn, has meant a decline in table games such as roulette, baccarat and craps in most casinos; Blackjack, however, is experiencing no such lack of demand – overwhelming testament to the game's sheer longevity and classic status.

Gaming communications manager, Matti Hokkanen, noted that in previous years, the state gambling monopoly, has been forced to close a significant 28% of land-based roulette table; there has been no closure of even one single Blackjack table within the same time period.

The news is welcome to fans of the classic casino card game, who can expect to enjoy it both in the comfort of their own home and at casinos around the world, for a long time to come... Why not join the people of Finland and join in their favourite casino game with our free blackjack bonuses here at Gaming Supermarket?

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