Online gaming newcomers warned over the risks of multi-hand Blackjack

There has been a new warning issued in the online gaming arena, cautioning players over the high risks that can be inherent when playing multi-hand blackjack games at online casinos...

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There has been a longstanding debate running amongst online Blackjack players as to the exact risks of playing multiple hands of Blackjack online. It has been a fierce point of contention, with some experts claiming that such multi-tasking styles of play should not be attempted by anybody who is relatively new to any sort of high risk gaming venture, whether it be Blackjack, Roulette or even Poker.

This has been fervently denied by other authorities on the game; they suggest that such multi-tasking styles of gaming are accessible to player of all skill levels, and that the only true determining factor to be considered is being in possession of an adequate bankroll.

It has been suggested that players should be in possession of a total bankroll which is no less than 100 times the size of the Blackjack hands that they are playing, in order to even consider successfully using the multi-hand tactic.

Other experts have warned players who are not experienced in participating in multi-hand Blackjack games against doing so; they have highlighted the fact that players utilising this tactic may have to make as many as 200-400 on the spot decisions – this creates an incredibly high amount of pressure on amateur players, who have been advised that they could be getting in over their heads by attempting to adopt this kind of tactic without gaining the necessary experience.

Ultimately, the decision over playing styles and tactics in Blackjack or any other online casino game has to come down to the individual – players are advised to do their research thoroughly before entering into any big-stakes gaming events.

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