Blackjack to make an appearance at New York races?

Gambling in any form has long been an extremely contentious issue within the United States of America; however, it appears that there could be time for a popular casino classic to make an appearance at the races...

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For the first time in history, the American Government are set to debate whether or not blackjack and poker should be allowed at racetracks – the issue is being taken up by politicians within the State of New York.

Saratoga Casino and Raceway could soon become a mini-casino, which incorporates the card classic of blackjack (which is sometimes also referred to as 'twenty-one') and the latest developments have been highlighted in various New York gambling publications.

Many critics believes that the introduction of classic casino titles, such as blackjack and poker, are a superb means of injecting some much needed cash into the state's struggling economy. The president of the Gambling Association has also put forward the case that the introduction of these games would have many more benefits than would first meet the eye.

“In my opinion reaction generally remains positive, without any obligations,” commented the president of the Gaming Association.

“Individuals are usually surprised about how effective the racetrack casinos are actually and the way they contribute towards education, agriculture and racing.”

The proposals have received backing from Senator Roy McDonald; however, he has been quick to stay on the cautious side – he wants to ensure that the introduction of such games does not harm established racing tracks, or the economy.

“Sometimes when people do things in a hurry to change things, we forget to guard and preserve what’s already working,” said  Senator McDonald.

 "Exploring new gaming options is actually a brilliant idea that we will take full advantage of during this year,” he added.

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