Blackjack card counters foiled by Shuffle Master

Blackjack is very easy game to learn, yet an extremely difficult one to master; there are various strategies and tactics that players can employ to try and get ahead, but ultimately, card counting has been the only sure way to get the best of the game – until now...

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Although being able to card count is an exceedingly rare ability, it is possible and casinos have historically lost a great deal of money to scammers who employ this illegal strategy to 'farm' cash from an establishment.

Fortunately for those establishments, Shuffle Master has the answer: they have developed a series of automated card shuffling machines that have been designed to beat the scammers. The company has been running for twenty-years, and in that time they have managed to make themselves indispensable to the land-based casino industry; not only do they invest, develop, manufacturer and market a series of automated products (which are utilised by the majority of the various licensed and regulated casinos within the United States of America), they also offer software which is used at the backend of these casinos in order to make them more secure and increase their productivity.

The automated card shufflers that Shuffle Master offer have become a particular nuisance to card counters; this is because the cards are shuffled internally inside the device, this is done continually between each hand to remove the any chance that a card counter would be successful in cracking the pattern of cards that is being dealt.

The automated card shufflers are also beneficial to the law-abiding clientele within the casino, due to the fact that they are much more efficient at their jobs than a human card dealer could hope to be; the automated shuffler is able to knock 10 minutes waiting time per hour compared to a human dealer – this allows them to play more hands in the same amount of time.

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