Blackjack still 'floating to the top'

It may be one of the oldest and most loved casino classics, however, Blackjack is still finding new ways to impress, as throws off the shackles of convention and takes to the water...

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Blackjack is without a doubt one of the most iconic casino games of all time; now there is a new spin on this old favourite, as hotels throughout Las Vegas are reportedly adding 'Blackjack in the pool' to their gaming repertoire.

Guests at certain Las Vegas hotels can now enjoy a dip in the pool, alongside a game of blackjack, thanks to dealers who are able to utilise 'floating tables' to give customers a crazy new slant on this much loved game. It has been reported that the trend has caught on like wildfire throughout Las Vegas, with more and more casinos offering the slightly unusual service to their swimming pools every single day. Among the hotels that are getting in on the action is Harrah's Resorts Casino in Atlantic City; it has been experimenting with 'pool party' and 'recreational pool' versions of blackjack, and has found that both have been surprisingly successful amongst its clientele.

Don Marrandino, the president of the Harrah’s Resort, Showboat, Caesars, and Bally’s Atlantic City casinos (which are all owned by Caesars Entertainment) recently said: “There are at least five casinos in Vegas that have blackjack by the pool. I think we should get our learnings’ on from there and use it here to make things more unique.”

Blackjack being offered at hotel swimming pools is a prime example of casino operators within the United States being forced to come up with new and innovative ways of engaging their customers' imagination; it is though that the trend will be set to increase amongst operators in the upcoming months.

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